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Sound crazy? Well, it isn’t wrong! Burglars can now see what you’re saying online and are using the information to target when you’re at your most vulnerable.

By following your movements, watching where you are at certain times and checking when you’re out of the house, burglars are using the powers of social media to target vulnerable houses and are burgling them while you’re unaware.

Social Media Online Risks 24/7

Over time the internet age has boomed and more and more social media platforms are erupting from the woodwork every day. We are all told of the risks with photographs, personal information and ‘catfishes’ but are you aware of the risk of telling people where you are online?

With the ability to ‘check in’ online and tag where you currently are ‘enjoying a cocktail or two’ you are advertising that you are away from your home and you are not the only one doing so.

It is basic common practice in 2017 to let your friends know where you are through posting online and letting people know about that expensive holiday aboard you just booked. With count downs to the day you fly and the duration you will be away for being so easy for burglars to access, you are almost inviting them into your property. In fact, you don’t even need to be going on holiday anymore, as long as you are away from your property for some time, they have their chance to strike.

Insurance Premiums Becoming Void

Advertising your whereabouts on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform can also not only affect your property but also your insurance policy. A lot of insurance companies are now checking your social media profiles and checking that you are taking care while online when it comes to your home and possessions.

One way to quickly void your insurance claim would be to advertise about your looming holiday destination, the items you have in your home and when you are heading out tonight with your insurance company more than definitely checking these posts.

By even making your whereabouts public knowledge, you could be breaching your insurance policies.

Online Privacy and Information Sharing

You don’t need to become mute or private with your lifestyle, you just need to be particularly careful who you share information with online and think before posting items. One tip is to post holiday photos when you’re back home and only have close friends online rather than acquaintances or even strangers.

Making sure you are aware of your settings online and protecting your personal information needs to be a priority, as well as packing your suitcase of course. Make sure your profile is secure and update your privacy settings – if your insurer can see your profile, then so can a burglar.

You might also want to change your GPS settings to post your location when you post. Changing these settings can make sure that no one knows specifically where you are and gives you the chance to be in another county and no one even knowing!

Increase Your Security Measures Now

Cranberg Limited are able to provide you with the necessary security measures needed to secure your home while you are home and away. With active real time security cameras and more, there is no need to worry while you are away because we have got you covered!

One instance where real time cameras were particularly useful for a homeowner was for a lady, Jeanne Thomas, when her home was burgled. Using her security system that only cost her £200, she was able to watch her home from her office and alert the police when burglars entered her home. The Daily Mail reported this incredible story back in 2009 and since then we have had so many technology developments to supply the highest tech and up to date camera systems for all of our clients.


To arrange a security system that you can trust, give us a call today on 01322 314 790. We are more than capable of securing your property and giving you the peace of mind you need while you are away on your jollies.