Access Control Systems

Access control systems are easily integrated into your current security system, allowing you to manage all your security features. Installation can be with intercom systems, creating easy communication across your business site and to other locations. To avoid the need for mechanical keys which could be lost or stolen, access control systems also offer a cost-effective solution for the long term to manage your security when alarms are off.

Having a back-up plan when security systems and alarms go down is essential. Access control and intercom systems maintain a physical barrier for your business, whilst allowing communication where required.

Manage Staff & Business

Access control is the perfect security feature to manage every aspect of your business, staff and visitors. With this system, you can gather full records of your staff and visitors, analysing data to ensure you know who is coming and going. Audio and video entry features can be added to each system, making it easy to monitor non-card holders entering the building.

Alternatively, you can choose to have standalone door entry systems, controlling specific doors with keypads and cards. Additionally, every system is easy to use and gives you full control over who has access to your property.

You can manage your control system on the go. Whether you are in the workplace or away from the office, nobody enters your business without it being recorded.

Cards & Keypads

To maintain security across your business, you can use access control systems with keypads, cards or both. This allows you to dictate exactly who has access to which area. With your smartphone, you can also access secure areas and prevent people from accessing locations.

Installation can be done across any business, regardless of how large or small your premise is. All systems are convenient and easy to use, making them perfect for installation at any entrances and exits, to improve the standard and tracking of all business security.

Moreover, all cards will identify who is accessing what areas, with you controlling who has access across your business premises.

Bespoke Control Systems

Every access control system is completely bespoke to your business’ property. Our products are never simple, off-the-shelf equipment to improve your security. We make sure after a full consultation we have a great understanding of the access systems you require and how to reduce security risks across your business.

The design and installation of products is done to meet your specifications, improving the overall safety across your business. Also, areas where restrictions are in place can benefit from this, ensuring only staff members with training have certain accesses.

Install Access Control Points

Cranberg Ltd offer a comprehensive service to create and install the security systems you need. We offer a full inspection of your current security and advise you on what changes need made and where access control and other security features would be beneficial. Book a consultation today or call us on 01322 314 790.