Business CCTV Systems

With the most modern CCTV systems using high-definition pictures, you ensure your business is always monitored. CCTV systems can save businesses money every year, deterring any intruders away and catching the ones who still enter your premise. Businesses lose millions due to theft and quality, modern business CCTV systems can reduce your risks.

CCTV System Features

CCTV systems are ideal for most businesses and have a range of features which make them suitable. They all have digital storage, which you can manage so you only save the most important footage for the right period of time. Additionally, cameras with motion sensors will only record footage when there is movement, saving storage space. Therefore, the effectiveness and quality of business CCTV systems is improved.

Furthermore, you can access the cameras across mobile, tablets or PCs, allowing you to view live or recorded footage. You can keep an eye on every area of your business, ensuring you can see any intruders approaching your property. With a high-definition display, CCTV systems offer the best quality and installation can be done on the interior or exterior area of your property.

CCTV systems can be integrated into the rest of your business security systems. With intruder alarms, this means you can quickly identify any intruders when your alarm is activated. CCTV systems also allow you to switch from one camera to another, without skipping time.

CCTV Camera Products

With every CCTV system, you have a range of options to choose from when selecting your cameras. Depending on the positioning of the camera, we will always advise which camera is best, with all cameras offering fantastic quality and HD images.

You will always be given information regarding each camera option. Cameras range from features such as 360° views to having specific cameras for low lighting at night. Additionally, there are tougher cameras that are less likely to be damaged, whilst still offering quality pictures.

Choose Your CCTV System

Choosing an effective CCTV system is necessary for every business and our premises. Using modern CCTV systems and the best technology, you can guarantee of high-quality imagery to capture any details. You can manage CCTV from your home, business or whilst on holiday, keeping an eye on your property at all times. For a consultation with our team, call us on 01322 314 790 or make a booking now.