Business Security Products

It is important to consider what business security products you need to prevent break-ins, site damage or fires. With working business security systems, you ensure the business is fully secure and has all the technology it needs to regularly check your workplace.

With better security, there is a smaller chance your business is going to experience damage. Using business security, you also have more time to manage your business, knowing your current systems have taken care of your property’s safety.

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Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are one of the first installations any business should make when upgrading their security systems. Your intruder alarm should be at the heart of any business, ensuring every entrance has full protection and monitored with the control systems available. Moreover, installation can be done in any property, being wireless and scalable to deal with all threats.

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Business CCTV Systems

CCTV security allows you to keep an eye on every area of your business. Regardless of the size, we make sure cameras cover every inch of a property, ensuring you have an overview of the business. You can view cameras from any location with our control system, as well as being a deterrent to intruders.

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Security Maintenance

In addition to installing security products, it is important to keep the performance of your security high. Our security experts constantly monitor all security systems. If we notice a problem, maintenance can be completed immediately to once again improve your business security.

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Security Control Systems

You want to have full control of your security systems and Cranberg Ltd make sure this is possible. With access control and security control systems available for installation, you know exactly who is on your business premise and who shouldn’t be there. With this level of control, you keep your property secure at all times.

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Fire Detection

Fires can occur at any time, in any place. You should never run the risk of a fire destroying your business. With high-performance fire detection systems, along with fire and smoke alarms, your most valuable assets are kept safe against the danger of fires.

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Security Fog System

When your business is under threat, you want your security to respond quickly. With our business security products, security fog can immediately disorientate intruders by releasing a steam of dense fog. To prevent loss and damage, a fog system can be a vital component of business security.

Install Business Security Products

You should never hesitate when looking to upgrade your business security. With your business often being dependant on the security system it has, you must make the right choice. Cranberg Ltd give you management of every security product and complete peace of mind when choosing our team. Discuss our security products today and call 01322 314 790 or book a consultation with our experts.