Fire Detection and Alarms

Fire detection can help save lives before they are in danger. It is essential for your business to have both fire and smoke detectors, along with fire alarms. Many lives are lost each year due to properties not having these and with this extra precaution, you could make sure both lives and your business premise are safe. With industry-leading technology, our alarm and detector systems identify fires early and alerts you quickly.

Detection Systems

Fire detection is perhaps the most important detection system your property needs. However, the alarm systems we have available will also help detect other gases in the building to improve your safety. Our detection systems have the ability to identify:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Fire
  • Heat
  • Smoke
  • Toxic Gas

This technology can safeguard all life within your property in the unfortunate event of a fire or toxic gas leak. Alarm systems Cranberg Ltd install are reliable and deliver early detection. This technology reduces the likelihood of false alarms occurring from sources such as cigarette smoke which could cause disruption to your workplace.

Fire Detection Monitoring

Cranberg Ltd do not just want to improve security but ensure your business has complete safety. This can only be done with fire alarms and fire detection systems working 24/7, with monitoring from our team. All alarm systems are active at both day and night and can alert you and our team when a fire has been detected.

Fast alerts are essential for a quick response time to the fire service when nobody is in the business premises. Our emergency response will ensure all fire detection alarms are reacted to quickly when necessary to stop the fire spreading.

Get In Touch

For control over your business security and safety, get in touch with Cranberg Ltd today. Our expert security team can discuss all fire detectors and fire alarms that are available and what the best option is for your property. Speak to us today and call 01322 314 790 or make a booking for a detailed consultation.