Intruder Alarms

Every business should have intruder alarms and detection for their property. Protecting your property against any intruders is essential, ensuring no belongings or assets ever experience damage. To keep your business running smoothly, preventing break-ins is the best method for you.

With each security system being persoanl to your specific business, you have full assurance that intruder alarms will monitor your entire property and prevent break-ins.

Business Intruder Systems

Our intruder systems offer several features to protect your property and keep it secure. Intruder alarms can work alongside all other security systems, including CCTV and access control. This ensures it is fully integrated into your security and you can manage all business security to gain the control you would like.

When intruder alarms have been activated, we make sure you are notified of the alarm and our team also know if a break-in has occurred. You should always be aware when intruders are in your property and our systems guarantee this.

Our professional alarm installation will give your business the protection it needs, keeping valuable items and assets fully secured.

Security Integration

Security integration of intruder alarms helps you keep every aspect of your property safe. Alarm systems should not just notify you of a break-in, but make monitoring your property easy. Also, managing your business becomes much easier without the stress of security difficulties. With comprehensive security features linked to one system, Cranberg Ltd has the solutions for any business.

Get In Touch

To create a secure and smart business, our alarms and modern technology offers the perfect platform. Giving you notifications and alerts with all alarm systems and access to CCTV, you monitor your entire property at any time, from at home, work or abroad. For consultancy and security recommendations, call Cranberg Ltd on 01322 314 790 or arrange a consultation for a suitable time.