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Running a business can be a challenge in itself and keeping it secure is just the cherry on the cake.

Cranberg Limited take security very seriously and understand how hard it can be to keep a business secure every day of the year. With the likelihood of passing traffic, employees entering and exiting and the chance of products on site, you need to be able to rest easy knowing your building is secure.

Whether you choose mobile access controls, key fobs, pass cards or other technologies, access controls at your building are sure to increase security in no time.

Mobiles Are Revolutionising the Way We Work

Now is 2017 and mobiles are part of daily life, we are seeing how important they are becoming in playing a role of security. Everybody now owns at least one mobile device and as they grow in technological developments, it’s only a matter of time until we will be seeing them take over the security world.

Look back 10 years ago, who would have thought we would be using mobile phones to pay for coffee?

It is becoming evidently clear that mobile phones are used for more and more than just making phone calls and sending texts. Using your mobile device for access controls is not too far away and is possible with Cranberg Limited.

Cranberg Limited can list some benefits to access control panels at your business right here!

Heightened Security Measures

The use of access controls not only gives you the control over who enters your property but it also increases security massively. Key fobs, access codes, smart cards and other technologies are incredible at controlling access and now mobiles are also coming into the line-up.

Access control panels are now available to work with mobile phones. With encryption panels for security between the device and the access point, the use of Bluetooth now has a completely new meaning.

In March this year alone there was 205 reported instances in Dartford for crimes. Don’t become part of a statistic and secure your business premises properly today.

Being both practical and easy to use, access with mobile phones works just as well as key fobs and smart cards. The controller will have access to who is allowed in and out and can revoke access whenever they want. As mobile phones are also personal to a persona individually, they are less likely to be passed to unauthorised personnel so you can control visitor access even more.

Now you don’t have to worry about lost key cards or fobs because phones are lot easier to misplace or lose o your desk!

Time Saving Ability

As well as saving the time of getting out keys, logging in key codes and finding your fob in the bottom of your handbag, mobile access can be centrally managed with as many users as you want in one quick application.

Most people have their mobile out in their hands 90% of the time and they are much easier to locate than a key you haven’t used in the last 12 hours.

Mobile access can also be computed across numerous platforms and different systems. If your business has certain areas that are dedicated to senior staff members and other areas that are accessibly by everyone, then their access systems will work across where they are assigned to a lot easier than programmed cards and fobs.

Simple and Convenient

Although some tech users might be more comfortable with mobile technology than others, it does pay to be up to date with the latest developments in the world of technology and security at your business. If some members of your business are reluctant to use the latest technology on the market, just show them how simple and convenient it really can be!

Once the security system is set up by Cranberg Limited, all you need to do is activate the access method you prefer to use and your wish is granted! You can access your designated areas with one swipe of a fob, card or mobile phone, its really that easy!

Your business property could be a target for thieves with smash and grab opportunities, opportunistic thieves and sophisticated thieves who only need a small opening to steal. Don’t leave your business open for attacks and get the proper security measures in place today.


If you are looking into security access panels for your business in the Kent and surrounding areas, simply call Cranberg Limited today on 01322 314 790. With many years of expertise working with businesses of all sizes, you can rely on us for the latest in mobile access control panels and more.