Fire and Smoke Alarms

Fire and smoke alarms can save yours or a family members life. Every year, the fire and rescue service attends over 600,000 fires, many resulting in deaths and injuries. Avoiding this is possible with the installation of high-performance alarms from Cranberg Ltd.

Installation is fast and simple. However, many homeowners still fail to install fire alarms and smoke alarms. This is a risk you cannot afford to take, with our systems offering fast detection of any fires or smoke.

Security & Alarm Maintenance

Cranberg Ltd offers several security packages, ensuring all your security systems and any alarms remain effective. We can regularly test batteries, ensuring the alarm is still working and for the detection of fire or smoke. Additionally, smoke and fire alarms also detect the problem very early. They sound a loud alarm to help save everyone within the property, as well as giving you time to collect valuable possessions.

Fires can break out in any area of your home. Having the issue detected early could keep you safe. It is essential you find fire alarms and smoke detectors that are completely dependable. Having unreliable systems is simply not good enough and could cost you a life in the future.

Fire and smoke alarms are an essential part of your home security. Security is not just about stopping intruders and detecting smoke, but keeping your family safe. The importance of fire and smoke alarms cannot be put into words.

Our Security Packages

Fire and Smoke Alarm Technology

With the combination of smoke and fire alarms, along with CCTV and other security systems, the risk of intruders and property damage is reduced. At Cranberg Ltd we use the latest technology of fire alarms and fire safety products. As a result, you can save lives with our installations.

You can always speak to our team regarding the precautions you should take to protect your home and family. In the case of a fire, you must ALWAYS respond quickly to this danger, something that our alarm systems achieve.

Fire Alarm Installation In Kent

For the installation of fire and smoke alarms in Dartford, Kent and the surrounding areas, speak to Cranberg Ltd. For our recommendation, call us on 01322 314 790 or arrange your consultation today.