Home Security Packages

Each home should have its own individual security package, ensuring all the things you care about are safe. Our security experts speak to all homeowners personally, recommending and advising you on the best home security packages and products for your property.

Our security packages are based purely on your home and lifestyle, as well as what matters most to you. With all home security packages, this is done to create something bespoke to you and the security solutions you need.

Private Security

Not only do your security features have to be of a high standard, you must choose a personal security company. We offer maintenance contracts to keep security systems functioning correctly and private security responses. As a result, this gives you complete peace of mind over your home’s safety. Our private security ensures you receive a response to all alarm systems, with officers attending your property if necessary.

You will also receive a police and fire service if necessary, ensuring your home is kept safe in any situation. We respond to the alarm and will then contact the fire service and police when required.

Response Packages

Responding to your alarm is just as important as having home security systems. When your alarm is activated, our response packages make sure the safety of your home is increased. Responses can be made to homeowners, keyholder or police and fire services. By making everyone aware of an alarm, this gives you the best possible security to stop a problem occurring.

With a private security response, we are aware of alarm systems going off and give you all the support you need.

Pet Friendly Security Systems

Tracking all intruders, the design of security systems makes sure that your pets will never set off an alarm. With the freedom to roam around your home and exterior, pet-friendly security systems will only alert you when an actual intruder is entering the house.

Pet Friendly Package

Smart Security Homes

Home security packages will create a smarter and more secure home for every individual. Security systems are more than just an alarm for your home, but give you more control with modern security technology, accessible from anywhere in the world.

To create your smart home, our home security systems offer the perfect solution. With complete control across your devices, even when you’re not home, you can control the security of your property. Our systems mean you always have access to your home and are always secure. You should know who’s in your home and with motion cameras, you can keep an eye on every inch of the property.

Control systems are also secure, meaning you retain control without any break-ins to your home or your security control.

Smart Home Package

Choose Your Home Security Packages

Cranberg Ltd want to help all homeowners create a modern and more secure property. With our consultation and advice, a security package tailor-made to you and your home can always be achieved. Begin your home’s security transformation today and call 01322 314 790. Alternatively, you can arrange a consultation at a suitable time.