Pet Friendly Security Package

Pet friendly security is the only way forward to ensure your pets do not set off security alarms. When you are away from home, pets should have complete freedom around your home whilst remaining secure in the property. With cameras and alarm systems setup, you can keep an eye on pets whilst only being alerted of actual intruders.

Pet Security Systems

With our pet friendly security package, we can tailor all security systems directly to your home and pets. With this package, we only include the security features you want. This makes sure they are completely pet friendly. When your pet is home alone, your home will still have all alarm and security systems functioning. During installation and design, we consider the size of your pet as well as their activities. We also look into how many pets you have, so the security systems meet all considerations.

CCTV systems are a fantastic feature that can be an additional part of our pet friendly security package. This can be installed internally and externally, allowing you to watch over your pets from any device. This should give you relaxation over all animals, knowing they are safe whether you are on holiday or just at work.

Alarm systems will still function with the same high performance when you are not with your pets. This means any intruder, smoke, fire or carbon monoxide alarms will still go off with your pets in your home. If alarms are activated, you will be immediately alerted, allowing you to react quickly so pets can be kept safe.

Cranberg Ltd will offer a full consultancy, ensuring all expectations are met with the best security for your home. With a bespoke security system for every home, tailored to your pets, we make sure all threats are considered.

Camera Sensors & Installation

Exterior cameras are a great option for every home, allowing pets to freely move into the garden whilst being monitored. Pet cameras have the added feature of motion sensors, ensuring footage is recorded when your pets are in a particular area of the property.

All CCTV and security systems are installed by industry experts, using an easy to use system, perfect for your property. Our team will take you through how all systems work and how you can manage them, making high performance security simple for our clients.

Select Pet Friendly Security package

To select our pet friendly security package, get in touch with Cranberg Ltd today. Our team can talk you through all the security products that are available and will recommend the best options for you. Call 01322 314 790 or arrange a consultation to discuss any queries you have.