Security Monitoring & Private Response

Monitoring your alarm systems and security features is just as important as installing home security. With Cranberg Ltd, not only can you monitor security systems, but we can also respond quickly to any activated alarms. We understand homeowners will not always be nearby when an alarm goes off. By making sure all alarms are monitored, you can depend on us to react to alarms, keeping your home safe.

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Monitoring Alarm Systems

Whether your fire, smoke or burglar alarm is activated, it is important to detect and deter these threats. When a fire occurs, both fire and smoke alarms could go off and to keep your property in good condition, a speedy response must be made. This is similar with any burglar alarm system. Cranberg Ltd monitors all alarm systems so that the police or fire brigade can be alerted in the worst scenarios.

Our home security team are always ready to take action when your home has any potential threats. Alarm systems function 24/7 and you cannot always be ready for when an alarm will be activated.

Police & Fire Response

In the case of fire, smoke or burglary, your alarm should always alert you and our team. If you cannot respond at this time, our team will contact the necessary response teams, such as fire service and police. We will also contact you and a dedicated person in this particular event. You will have our support to resolve the situation, before resetting the system and ensuring your home is secure again.

Private Security Response

In addition to the monitoring of your home security systems, Cranberg Ltd also offers a private security response. An officer can be sent out to your property, in the event of an alarm being activated. To add extra security to our customers, we make sure our team is available whenever you need us.

With a private security response, an officer is dispatched when the alarm goes off. In the event of a false alarm, security systems will be reset, keeping your property secure. For genuine threats, response officers will complete an internal and external check of the property. Reports will then be given to you within 24 hours and if a break-in has happened, our officers waits at the property for you to get home.

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For the extra assurance of private security from qualified professionals, Cranberg Ltd can exceed expectations. To discuss the private home security service we offer, contact us today on 01322 314 790. You can also arrange a consultation to go through all your home security features and products.