Smart Home Security Package

Whether you’re away from home regularly or want to remain secure during work, smart home security is the way forward. Our smart home security package uses the latest security technology to ensure your homes safe at all times. With control from smartphones, tablets or PCs, you can always manage your security systems.

Smart Home Security Features

Your smart home security package gives you all the security solutions needed to protect your property. Our security products offer 24/7 functionality, keeping your property protected at all times. Both indoor and outdoor security cameras are available, with motion sensors to detect any unexpected movement. This can alert you with notifications when movement is found so you can spot any intruders immediately.

Smart home security also allows you to manage security from anywhere. If you have forgotten to set your alarm, you can set this from any location, managing all your home security products easily with our systems. Additionally, you will be able to view all cameras from your device, giving you full access to all security systems when you need them most.

Each security package is tailored directly to your home and the specific requirements you have. With all security products that are installed to your smart home security, you are always connected. If there is ever a problem with your security systems or you are alerted of any intruders or smoke detections, this can be monitored through your smart home security.

Using the smart home security package, we install all the security products you need for your home. You can keep an eye on everyone and any pets who enter and leave your home so you have peace of mind over your safety.

Select Your Package

Discuss your smart home security package or any other packages with Cranberg Ltd today. We give you all the control and technology needed to create a safe and easy to monitor home. Our security experts will also provide regular maintenance within certain packages, keeping your home secure. Call Cranberg Ltd on 01322 314 790 for advice on security or book a consultation today.