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Do you hide your valuables around your home to prevent burglary? Well stop right now!

Cranberg Limited are well aware of the risks with having valuables in any property and although we provide the latest in high-tech security measures, we cannot ever guarantee on your property being completely risk free of burglaries. Read on more to find out how you can hide your valuables within your home so that you can rest easy at night.

Homes Will Always Be Targets

Commercial buildings are often targeted for the sheer size and quantity of products in the building but residential homes are also not an exception to the rule. Here at Cranberg Limited we are noticing that more and more homes, even those with security, are being targeted for numerous purposes and no matter where you hide your valuables, burglars are trying their hardest to find them.

Burglaries are one of the highest statistics in the Kent area, with 991 taking place in March 2017.

Don’t Hide Your Valuables Here!

With many homeowners finding nifty hiding places to conceal their valuables within their home, burglars are getting clever to find these places every day. With some places being old and familiar, it doesn’t take them long to find your valuables and exiting your property without you knowing. These include:

  • In your underwear drawers
  • In a vase
  • Under your bed
  • In your mattress
  • In the lavatory cistern
  • Behind a cupboard
  • In your cereal box
  • In refrigerators

Although these can sound obvious to some and clever to others, these are the most common places a burglar will look. Thieves are not stupid and will sniff out valuables in the dark or light, so don’t give them the chance to get their hands on your goods!

Reverse Burglar Psychology

There is no use trying to carry out reverse psychology on burglars because they are smarter than you think. Hiding valuables in your child’s bedroom or storing jewellery in the kitchen cupboard will not deter these nifty thieves. Children’s rooms are quickly becoming the first target now with the increase of social apps, games consoles and mobile phones, which are all easy to steal and even easier to sell on after.

Don’t try and get clever, just stay smart and follow our top tips on where to hide your valuable and get in touch for the latest in security.

Suggested Storage Places for Valuables

Cranberg Limited would like to state that these are only suggested places to hide your valuables and we do not take any responsibility for your goods in your home.

The top places that we have had suggested to use to store valuables within your home include:

  • Rubbish bins (not on rubbish collection days)
  • Boxes with misleading labels (e.g. cat food or dog food)
  • Plant pots (under the soil)
  • False containers of food substances which can be purchased online

Having many of the above does deter a burglar and stops them in their tracks, having few gives them a quick period of time to empty them all and find your valuables, keep this in mind at all times.

The overall best place to store your valuables is in a secure safe, in your secure home with security measures from Cranberg Limited.


Answering the question of ‘where do I hide my valuables’ and letting you know where not to, Cranberg Limited can also offer you high level security measures to deter, monitor and protect your home or commercial business. Simply call us today on 01322 314 790 for residential burglar alarms and commercial residential alarms.