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Have you returned home and noticed your home has been burgled?

If you have come home to the shocking scene of a burglary, there is a few important steps you need to follow. As experts in home security measures, Cranberg Limited are able to advise on the best procedures to follow in the event of being burgled and also guide you on the future with your security measures.

1. Stay Calm

We know its easier said than done, but please remember to stay calm. Coming home to find a shock like this will be worrying for you and its every homeowner’s nightmare but staying calm is very important for the steps that will follow.

House burglaries are more frequent in the winter months with thieves using the darker nights and people buying Christmas presents as an easy target according to The Telegraph.

You will feel like your privacy has been disrupted and can be concerned that they may be still in your home, so stay outside and follow the next steps from Cranberg Limited.

2. Call The Police

If you discover there is a burglar in your house, you need to call the police immediately. The sooner you do this the higher chance you have of the police solving the crime. If you have any idea that they may be still in the property, stay outside and only enter if you are sure it is safe to do so.

This step is important because calling the police gives you the chance to claim on your insurance with the designated crime number they will provide you with. Whoever your home insurer is, they will be aware of what the crime number is when you call them and will be able to quickly process your claim.

After calling the police, do not try to clean anything up or move things around. In this case, you could potentially be moving evidence, DNA or fingerprints and the police will need this information to solve the case. Only ever start to move or touch anything once the police have told you to do so.

3. List The Potential Stolen Items

You need to be able to go through your home, without touching anything, and make a list of the items that have been stolen or damaged. In this process, the police may want to assist you or they could just ask you to do this after they have attended.

Both the police and your home insurance company will want to know what has either been taken by the burglar or damaged in the process. If you have the ability to take photographs, do so because these can help police with their searches and photographs or receipts of the stolen items can also help them recover the missing items.

Please check if any passports, credit cards, financial or important documents have been taken and alert the necessary banks if they have been.

4. Secure Your Home Again

The most important step to take and the final one, is to make sure your home is properly secure again after the break in. Cranberg Limited can assist with this and have various packages and security measures to ensure that your home is not vulnerable for another attack and that you can rest easy again.

Making sure you feel comfortable in your home is our biggest priority because no one deserves to feel uneasy in their own home. Use this negative moment as a positive and take the chance to review your security measures to reduce the risk of another attack.

Make sure to keep all receipts of lock changes and repairs for your insurance company to use in your claim.


To find out how you can get domestic security measures for your property, call Cranberg Limited today on 01322 314 790. Based in Kent, we are able to travel all over the UK to provide as many homes as possible with the security they need to keep themselves, their belongings and their family safe in their home.